Soren Says...

Soon to be kiddos say.  Because trust me, some of their conversations are priceless and considerably wise.  Only 5 years of life and their ability to create - not just projects, crafts and games but ideas, theories and genuine conversation is astounding.  

This one, however is a Soren says.  But about the three.  

Blending families has it's challenges, but definitely it's tribulations.  Soren hasn't had brothers until now and I worried about his transition into brotherhood and understanding what that truly meant.  

My brother and I were raised a specific way.  One that I am truly grateful for 'when you hurt your brother, you hurt yourself.  when you make him laugh, you experience the same joy.  there is no one else in this world you are closer to'.  And it worked.  He is my best friend; my man of honor at my wedding.  Trent and I feel the same way about the three.  

So, when we visited Mr. Madison at Findlay Market, the three and I - and Mr Madison greeted Soren with a smile saying:

'Oh!  Hi there Soren!  I see you brought your friends with you today!'

and Soren replied:

'No, Mr. Madison.  These are my brothers.  My twin brothers - Mayer and Marley!'

Then grabbing their hands, rushed off inside with his brothers.

My worries began to melt leaving me a puddle of content, happy mess.  Mr Madison smiled at me and said 'Congratulations!', putting it all together with a huge grin on his face and a hug.  



'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

48/52 - Soren's digging into one of my old childhood toys.  He snagged quite a few from Grandma.  Not quite sure who enjoys them more!

49/52 - We hunted down our Christmas tree this year.  The first Crutcher Inc. Xmas.  There are many more priceless photos of the brood from this day.  They were such big helpers and truly worked as a team.  Once we were finished decorating the tree (at the demise of a few glass ornament balls) Soren turned to me and in the most sincere, sweet voice said 'Look mom, isn't it beautiful.  A beautiful Christmas tree.' and gave me a squeeze.  Melt.

50/52 - This one is from our wedding (many more to come.  And how to run a sweet shindig on the skint!).  Soren dressed as a pirate and the boys were ninjas.  Bubs accompanied me down the aisle along with my dad.  It was as sweet and precious as I could have imagined.  Photo credit goes to my friend Stephanie Frantz.  Super talented and incredibly generous.  Thank you sweet lady!

51/52 - Constructs!!  Anyone else remember these?!  They were a gift/hand-me down from Uncle Derek.  Some things never go out of style.  The creations here are a Power Shield and Marshmallow Carrier.  

52/52 - and the last week of 2015.  A segue into 2016 were the portraits become three.  We saw some big changes in 2015.  We went from our small home of bubs, our pit and myself to a rambunctious three watched over by my loving, supportive partner and I rounded out with our old lady pit that sleeps... pretty much all day.  Hanging out with these three is a blast.   Hello 2016!

*The sweater?  You may ask?  We made a uni-sweater for the boys for our initial Holiday cards.  We ended up rolling with another photo from our tree expedition but these were too priceless not to share.

Around Here - Instagram

Catching up as usual!  

Meet Snappy - who has just recently been replaced by a crocodile, now named Snappy.  Soren has developed the care taker skills.  Here snappy had to be wrapped in a blanket and carried all over the playground.  

Soren's school year started off with a bang!  We have a move to look forward to, several recording projects in the works, others in the bag and more to begin planning for.  The Cincinnati Symphony has arranged a fantastic season - beginning with this weekend Berlioz Symphony Fantastique - get your tix!  And so has the Pops  - beginning with their release of American Originals.  Work has begun on a fantastic piano recording with another planned in December.  I can't wait to share some more of that work - the pianist is AMAZING!

because going down the slide would just be too easy, we must climb up it - the outside of it. #givemomaheartattack

So work has our heads spinning but so does Soren's ever disappearing youth.  I know - a bit severe, but I am the mother of a 5 year old this year and I still can't seem to grasp it!  Being the Aunt of one last year (dear Avery - stop growing so fast!) was difficult enough.  This year has been riddled with trials (I hope to dive into more in another, more vulnerable post) and I feel like it has simply blown by.  Thankfully I get one last pre-k year with the wee man before it's bus rides and full day Kindergarten.

A couple videos of this ever growing kiddo.  Nothing like Lego construction and Shrimp prep. 

What's in the works ahead?  A move, new beginnings, soaking up the fall weather, Halloween costume construction, bday bashes, recordings and sneaking in some new recipes here and there.    Hello crazy life and welcome with open arms.


'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

32/52 - So far behind!! Yikes!  We got some climbing in before the school year started!!

33/52 - This is a classic.  Soren picked up this one from his friend Sophie.  Priceless!  Thirsty and can't reach?!  Just climb on up, give the fountain a hug and snag some water!

34/52 - I love this shot!  I snagged this just yesterday.  Always a fan of hanging upside down or hanging around in general.  From the mass of monkey bar videos and playground shenanigans it's clear Soren is up for any climbing and swinging challenge.  He's focusing on holding on in this shot - gotta love the determination and goodness; baby blue eyes for days!

Back To School 2015

Yikes!  Back to school already!

Summer sped by this year and Soren didn't skip a beat.  It was as if the two months this summer never existed and he'd never left.  This year he gets to take on 1 day of Kindergarten too.  He's super psyched!

He's looking so much older and wiser these days.  And acting the part as well.  I'm thrilled he loves learning so much and is looking forward to the return.  So lucky to be your mom wee man and grateful to watch you grow each day.  Here's to another stellar scholastic year kiddo!