Soren Says...

Soon to be kiddos say.  Because trust me, some of their conversations are priceless and considerably wise.  Only 5 years of life and their ability to create - not just projects, crafts and games but ideas, theories and genuine conversation is astounding.  

This one, however is a Soren says.  But about the three.  

Blending families has it's challenges, but definitely it's tribulations.  Soren hasn't had brothers until now and I worried about his transition into brotherhood and understanding what that truly meant.  

My brother and I were raised a specific way.  One that I am truly grateful for 'when you hurt your brother, you hurt yourself.  when you make him laugh, you experience the same joy.  there is no one else in this world you are closer to'.  And it worked.  He is my best friend; my man of honor at my wedding.  Trent and I feel the same way about the three.  

So, when we visited Mr. Madison at Findlay Market, the three and I - and Mr Madison greeted Soren with a smile saying:

'Oh!  Hi there Soren!  I see you brought your friends with you today!'

and Soren replied:

'No, Mr. Madison.  These are my brothers.  My twin brothers - Mayer and Marley!'

Then grabbing their hands, rushed off inside with his brothers.

My worries began to melt leaving me a puddle of content, happy mess.  Mr Madison smiled at me and said 'Congratulations!', putting it all together with a huge grin on his face and a hug.