'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

48/52 - Soren's digging into one of my old childhood toys.  He snagged quite a few from Grandma.  Not quite sure who enjoys them more!

49/52 - We hunted down our Christmas tree this year.  The first Crutcher Inc. Xmas.  There are many more priceless photos of the brood from this day.  They were such big helpers and truly worked as a team.  Once we were finished decorating the tree (at the demise of a few glass ornament balls) Soren turned to me and in the most sincere, sweet voice said 'Look mom, isn't it beautiful.  A beautiful Christmas tree.' and gave me a squeeze.  Melt.

50/52 - This one is from our wedding (many more to come.  And how to run a sweet shindig on the skint!).  Soren dressed as a pirate and the boys were ninjas.  Bubs accompanied me down the aisle along with my dad.  It was as sweet and precious as I could have imagined.  Photo credit goes to my friend Stephanie Frantz.  Super talented and incredibly generous.  Thank you sweet lady!

51/52 - Constructs!!  Anyone else remember these?!  They were a gift/hand-me down from Uncle Derek.  Some things never go out of style.  The creations here are a Power Shield and Marshmallow Carrier.  

52/52 - and the last week of 2015.  A segue into 2016 were the portraits become three.  We saw some big changes in 2015.  We went from our small home of bubs, our pit and myself to a rambunctious three watched over by my loving, supportive partner and I rounded out with our old lady pit that sleeps... pretty much all day.  Hanging out with these three is a blast.   Hello 2016!

*The sweater?  You may ask?  We made a uni-sweater for the boys for our initial Holiday cards.  We ended up rolling with another photo from our tree expedition but these were too priceless not to share.


'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

43/52 Nerf gun madness around here!  I have to admit, I am a fan myself.  They are a blast to play with!

44/52 Yep - another Nerf Gun day.  Featuring painted fingernails.  It took almost the whole month for it to completely chip off!  Same shirt repeat is a coincidence.  It's a Soren favorite as well.  Can't go wrong with Lego Star Wars

45/52 Soren's version of helping us change the brakes (I should say Trent) involves the Nerf gun. Of course.

46/52 this face.  After his 5th bday bash.  5 years since this wee man made me a mother.  I couldn't be more grateful and feel so incredibly lucky.  Soren has taught me so much about living life.  I can't thank you enough bubs.

47/52 the Museum Center!  We got out and went somewhere FUN!  Since the move we have been on an errand running, working constantly, shop creating streak and hadn't taken the kids somewhere FUN in awhile.  This was a much needed break for ALL of us.


'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

38/52 - A Serenade.  Soren's songs - imaginatively his or limericks from school - are the sweetest thing to hear him sing and perform.  

39/52 - dollar scratch off tickets have become a standard around here.  This winning ticket snagged us 5 more for the kiddos to scratch.  They get such a kick out of it!

40/52 - Pumpkin season!!!  These little pumpkins were gifts from Nana at our Marriage Ceremony (October 21st - bt-dubs *wink).  The kids painted what were left after the rolling competitions.  Apparently tiny squash bruise and rot easily after intense competitions.

41/52 - A little more pumpkin at the Burger Farm Pumpkin Patch.  Soren's class took a field trip and I got to go this year.  So, SO much fun!  Thanks to all the wonderful teachers that made this happen.

42/52 - Halloween!  Soren changed his mind at the last minute to be a pirate (whew! Spider-Man at first.  Yikes on the costume making).  So we high tailed it to Salvation Army and found some pants to convert into knickers and a shirt to tailor.  I had an old vest I tailored to fit him, snagged a cheap black hat and 'Jack Sparrow'ed the living daylights out of it with feathers.  Complete with a Saber.  It was a blast putting it together!


'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'




We've been playing catch up just about everyday this past month.  The CSO season started with a bang and soon (in a few weeks!) we will be starting yet another recording project.  Time flies.  I've had to rely on a couple iPhone shots of the wee man these past few weeks.  38 and 39 soon to come.  

35 - shopping at Findlay as usual.  A few days ago Soren built Findlay building with blocks.  I can't express how much fun it is to take him there to shop.  The foods and smells he gets to experience each visit are a blast to witness.

6 - We hit up the Renaissance Festival.  This turkey leg eating shot should say it all.  Sword fights, Dungeons of Doom, Jousting and knighted with a wooden sword.  It was a blast!

37 - The S-man practicing balance on the bumble bee.  Working on his 'surfing skills' as he would put it.  

That's it for now!  Be on the look out for the next 2 weeks and an update on what is new around here!


'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

32/52 - So far behind!! Yikes!  We got some climbing in before the school year started!!

33/52 - This is a classic.  Soren picked up this one from his friend Sophie.  Priceless!  Thirsty and can't reach?!  Just climb on up, give the fountain a hug and snag some water!

34/52 - I love this shot!  I snagged this just yesterday.  Always a fan of hanging upside down or hanging around in general.  From the mass of monkey bar videos and playground shenanigans it's clear Soren is up for any climbing and swinging challenge.  He's focusing on holding on in this shot - gotta love the determination and goodness; baby blue eyes for days!