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Catching up as usual!  

Meet Snappy - who has just recently been replaced by a crocodile, now named Snappy.  Soren has developed the care taker skills.  Here snappy had to be wrapped in a blanket and carried all over the playground.  

Soren's school year started off with a bang!  We have a move to look forward to, several recording projects in the works, others in the bag and more to begin planning for.  The Cincinnati Symphony has arranged a fantastic season - beginning with this weekend Berlioz Symphony Fantastique - get your tix!  And so has the Pops  - beginning with their release of American Originals.  Work has begun on a fantastic piano recording with another planned in December.  I can't wait to share some more of that work - the pianist is AMAZING!

because going down the slide would just be too easy, we must climb up it - the outside of it. #givemomaheartattack

So work has our heads spinning but so does Soren's ever disappearing youth.  I know - a bit severe, but I am the mother of a 5 year old this year and I still can't seem to grasp it!  Being the Aunt of one last year (dear Avery - stop growing so fast!) was difficult enough.  This year has been riddled with trials (I hope to dive into more in another, more vulnerable post) and I feel like it has simply blown by.  Thankfully I get one last pre-k year with the wee man before it's bus rides and full day Kindergarten.

A couple videos of this ever growing kiddo.  Nothing like Lego construction and Shrimp prep. 

What's in the works ahead?  A move, new beginnings, soaking up the fall weather, Halloween costume construction, bday bashes, recordings and sneaking in some new recipes here and there.    Hello crazy life and welcome with open arms.