'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

38/52 - A Serenade.  Soren's songs - imaginatively his or limericks from school - are the sweetest thing to hear him sing and perform.  

39/52 - dollar scratch off tickets have become a standard around here.  This winning ticket snagged us 5 more for the kiddos to scratch.  They get such a kick out of it!

40/52 - Pumpkin season!!!  These little pumpkins were gifts from Nana at our Marriage Ceremony (October 21st - bt-dubs *wink).  The kids painted what were left after the rolling competitions.  Apparently tiny squash bruise and rot easily after intense competitions.

41/52 - A little more pumpkin at the Burger Farm Pumpkin Patch.  Soren's class took a field trip and I got to go this year.  So, SO much fun!  Thanks to all the wonderful teachers that made this happen.

42/52 - Halloween!  Soren changed his mind at the last minute to be a pirate (whew! Spider-Man at first.  Yikes on the costume making).  So we high tailed it to Salvation Army and found some pants to convert into knickers and a shirt to tailor.  I had an old vest I tailored to fit him, snagged a cheap black hat and 'Jack Sparrow'ed the living daylights out of it with feathers.  Complete with a Saber.  It was a blast putting it together!