'A portrait a week of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015'

43/52 Nerf gun madness around here!  I have to admit, I am a fan myself.  They are a blast to play with!

44/52 Yep - another Nerf Gun day.  Featuring painted fingernails.  It took almost the whole month for it to completely chip off!  Same shirt repeat is a coincidence.  It's a Soren favorite as well.  Can't go wrong with Lego Star Wars

45/52 Soren's version of helping us change the brakes (I should say Trent) involves the Nerf gun. Of course.

46/52 this face.  After his 5th bday bash.  5 years since this wee man made me a mother.  I couldn't be more grateful and feel so incredibly lucky.  Soren has taught me so much about living life.  I can't thank you enough bubs.

47/52 the Museum Center!  We got out and went somewhere FUN!  Since the move we have been on an errand running, working constantly, shop creating streak and hadn't taken the kids somewhere FUN in awhile.  This was a much needed break for ALL of us.