Around Here - Second Sunday on Main

Hello my dear recently quiet writing space!  Time for a Cincy shout out.

We've been staying busy this summer making the most of Soren's time off from school.  Yesterday we had some righteous Cincy heat, but had to hit up Second Sunday on Main, which is an absolute must to put on the summer to-do list if it isn't already.

this kiddo, this city. #lovecincy #sorenrules

The heat required lavender-lemon and salted carmel streetpops straight away, then lamb sliders from Hungry Bros. and finished off with a Beario from Brown Bear Bakery.  Soren got his first official bow tie - too cute, free face painting.  Of course - a tiger.  Then off to Washington Park spray ground to splash around with a buddy.

dapper wee man

me and the bubs.  #motherhoodisawesome

This city has so much to offer, I can't begin.  As if the local parks and recreation weren't enough, Soren's days have been filled with camps from Ballet, bug hunting, animal exploration, rock climbing and the Circus.  Thanks Cincinnati, for being so rad!

Around Here - Weekend with Grandma

I think these photos speak for themselves.

This past week was hyped to be a lot busier than it ended up, although still a full 50 hour week - Mom (as usual) came to the rescue so I could attend dress rehearsals and record shows knowing Soren was with one of his doting buds.  Watching these two is such a gift. 

Between May Festival Rehearsals, Concerts, Broadcasts and wrapping up a record - we got some sunshine at Lunken Playfield flying kites, playing tag at the playground, munching Street Pops and watering flowers in the backyard. 

Oh!  And intense games of Scrabble....

And a righteous mama - daughter date to Terry's Turf Club (sadly - no burgers since the power went out), then Arthurs (Greek burger - YUM!) and darts at Haps. Both of us crashing before 11:30pm.  #motherhoodrules

Thanks mom, xoxo 

Around Here

Happy weekend everybody (for us - Baroque recording, Verdi's Requiem and Piazzola weekend)!!

Life around here has been a quick, fun and pretty crazy.  We are supposed to get hit with another winter storm on Sunday but I can sense Spring on the horizon.  Here are some tidbits of what we've been up to!

Climbing requires A LOT of energy and what better than homemade pizza to re-charge.  Cooking with Soren has just gotten more fun (and adventuresome).  He LOVES to make pizza and has gotten quite good at it  - or at least eating the toppings while putting them on 'more cheese, pleeeeease' and of course I comply, since I am scarfing it by the handfuls as well.  And I am always reminded 'ovens HOT! momma! BEEEEE CARE-ful!'

It actually warmed up enough that all the snow FINALLY melted - can you believe it?!  Which also meant GIANT, GIANT puddles for toddler play.  We had a blast out in the warm sun splashing in puddles and going for bike rides.  Oh - and not only is Soren a great kitchen helper, but he's in charge of the list at the grocery store.  And to think - I almost forgot candles, who put those on the list?!

yes - food is kinda a big deal around here.  We dig food - to cook, eat, smell, taste and touch.  Soren was making 'yellow dough, momma!' on the right.  He was stained with turmeric for almost 3 days - love it!  Here he is chowing down on the broccoli cheddar soup I made while he prepped the 'dough' and baked potatoes (and yes, my kiddo eats the skins first.  It took a silly amount of convincing to try the inside - he ended up dipping it in his soup.  Whatever works!)

The soup in the pic is pureed but here is my general recipe for Broccoli Cheddar Soup.  YUM!!!

Kefir and Curls

Just a quick note on what's new and old.  We said goodbye to a few of Soren's curled locks this week.  My little adventurer was up for the clippers so we gave him a nice short (but tasteful) 'do'.  I couldn't believe how great he did, he just kept giggling, hesitantly 'my head tickwles...hehehe.'

I do miss those little locks and look forward to them growing in (which they do - very quickly). 

Here is a before 'clippers' pic drinking Kefir.  A standard favorite in our household.  Also known as shake - because you have to 'shake it up' before drinking.  He's always had a good taste for Kefir and it keeps those probiotics in that little belly as we cruise through this arctic winter!  

We have a weekend filled with recording, mastering, a baby shower and a hopefully - a little family time ahead of us.  

Happy Weekend and Happy Valentines Day!

Grandpa & the CMC

A couple weeks ago - I received a concise, unexpected text - 'Chels, I want to come into town this weekend - would that be alright?' - it was my Dad!  Now I work a lot, but my Dad - well, works A LOT.  He is incredibly driven and loves what he does.  It's inspiring.  But it does mean that our paths don't cross often.  

I was so psyched and we had an awesome time!  It was a short, sweet visit.  We made sure to take him to Eli's for a BBQ lunch, snagged a Green Dog Cafe breakfast, welcomed him with a fantastic Paleo Polish Soup and of course, visited the Cincinnati Museum Center.

One of our X-mas gifts from Grandpa and Mimi this year were our passes to the Museum Center, quite possibly one of the best places to take kiddos in Cincinnati (next to the Zoo, the CAC and well - ok...there are a lot of great places).  Especially on cold days.

Watching Soren with my Dad, is - incredible.  It's a blast seeing him lead, explain and play - just like he did with us when we were kids.  I know my Dad always enjoyed having kids, but it's so much more obvious how much he loves and cherishes his time with Soren and how much he must have when we were children.  

So many grandparents tell me how incredible it is having grandchildren, but after watching my Dad - I realize just how lucky my brother and I are to have parents that embrace their role and cherish the challenges and joys of parenthood.