Kefir and Curls

Just a quick note on what's new and old.  We said goodbye to a few of Soren's curled locks this week.  My little adventurer was up for the clippers so we gave him a nice short (but tasteful) 'do'.  I couldn't believe how great he did, he just kept giggling, hesitantly 'my head tickwles...hehehe.'

I do miss those little locks and look forward to them growing in (which they do - very quickly). 

Here is a before 'clippers' pic drinking Kefir.  A standard favorite in our household.  Also known as shake - because you have to 'shake it up' before drinking.  He's always had a good taste for Kefir and it keeps those probiotics in that little belly as we cruise through this arctic winter!  

We have a weekend filled with recording, mastering, a baby shower and a hopefully - a little family time ahead of us.  

Happy Weekend and Happy Valentines Day!