Grandpa & the CMC

A couple weeks ago - I received a concise, unexpected text - 'Chels, I want to come into town this weekend - would that be alright?' - it was my Dad!  Now I work a lot, but my Dad - well, works A LOT.  He is incredibly driven and loves what he does.  It's inspiring.  But it does mean that our paths don't cross often.  

I was so psyched and we had an awesome time!  It was a short, sweet visit.  We made sure to take him to Eli's for a BBQ lunch, snagged a Green Dog Cafe breakfast, welcomed him with a fantastic Paleo Polish Soup and of course, visited the Cincinnati Museum Center.

One of our X-mas gifts from Grandpa and Mimi this year were our passes to the Museum Center, quite possibly one of the best places to take kiddos in Cincinnati (next to the Zoo, the CAC and well - ok...there are a lot of great places).  Especially on cold days.

Watching Soren with my Dad, is - incredible.  It's a blast seeing him lead, explain and play - just like he did with us when we were kids.  I know my Dad always enjoyed having kids, but it's so much more obvious how much he loves and cherishes his time with Soren and how much he must have when we were children.  

So many grandparents tell me how incredible it is having grandchildren, but after watching my Dad - I realize just how lucky my brother and I are to have parents that embrace their role and cherish the challenges and joys of parenthood.