Crutcher Inc. Wedding

We got hitched!

Although, technically - we were married October 20, 2015.  Which, the three boys have decided, is our family birthday.  We became family of five, brood of three 5-year old energetic, wise, incredible wee gents, us two crazy 'rents and a very crotchety old lady pit bull (so 6, I guess.  Kind of 7, a beta fish named Mr. Pokey Grass and a cat, Mr. Kamaji that does not reside with us quite yet).  

The wedding was perfect - in my extremely biased opinion.  Seriously though.  It was us.  So us.  Trent and I, the boys.  Our amazing family.  

We kept it small - immediate family and close friends.  Our wedding parties consisted of two people.  Trent's best childhood friend and myself - the untraditional Man of Honor.  My brother.  Our kiddos walked each of us down the aisle (2 ninjas and a pirate) and we were married by Trent's father.  My Dad gave the most beautiful speech.  My brother made me cry over Eli's with sentiment and genuine care and happiness for the occasion.  Mo - made our guts hurt with hilarity and honest adoration for his best friend.

We are a lucky family.  We have friends that pitched in (Stephanie, the photos are AMAZING, Amelia, my make-up was unreal and the video.  Seriously - I can't stop watching it, Nick - your playing was truly perfect.), family that donated time, money and aid (Derek, seriously, the wedding toppers?  Best bro ever?!!!, Mom and Dad - you know I can't thank you enough.  Thank you! Thank you!, and Keith and Jennifer and the entire Crutcher clan - I could not be luckier!).

*hover over the photo for description.  photos courtesy of Stephanie Frantz.

So needless to say - much gratitude coming from this side of the post.  We accompanied the wedding with Eli's BBQ, a gorgeous and delicious Haven Cake, flowers by Una Floral - including my crown and Fitz's Soda from St. Louis.  I'll stop chatting and let the pics speak for themselves. 

*Yes, the boys are in costume.  So were the majority of the other kiddos.  It's there day too!

And because extended family couldn't be there, we have this with many thanks to Amelia!