System Crash

This week has been particularly challenging - or rather the last 4 days. 

I woke up in a funk on Saturday morning only to roll into work 3 hours early (to wrap up pending projects and a broadcast) to have my computer crash on me.  In 7 years - a completely corrupted, crash.  I was beside myself.  I had a concert to record in 4 hours and if you know how much time it takes to rebuild a Windows system - it simply wasn't going to happen.

Thankfully our household holds two iLok keys with three systems set up for ProTools 11 and our very own RME UFX.  I know to some that all sounds like a different language - so let me translate: OUR systems saved the day!  Along with my mantra of never, NEVER saving documents and files to anything but external hard drives and ALWAYS backing up to DVD.

I have never had a system crash on me quite like this before.  I have ALWAYS been able to restore in the past.  I traced it back to a recent install I had to let the firewall down for - that had to have been it.  

That being said - I feel like for the last 4 days I have turned into the Grinch at home.  I have been trying to install - uninstall - reinstall and re-build a system which takes a LOT of time and a LOT of patience (legacy software combined with updated versions equals GIANT headache!).

Not leaving me much patience or time for my little kiddo and partner in crime (who really helped saved the day - in more ways than I can even begin to explain!).  I feel like I have been a horrible mother.  Super irritable and not giving Soren the time he needs and deserves.

this is Soren 'CRASH!!!!' - ing on the couch

Which leaves me reflecting about this job and the work that I do.  I have learned that when I am with my family - I am WITH my family.  Mind, spirit and body.  Whole heartedly.  Work will wait.  And truthfully, my loyal clients - this in turn, makes me more useful to you and a better engineer.  Just as my clients want me to be present for them and their work (much of the time *wink), I need to be present for my Son, my Partner and most of all for Myself.

This weekend wasn't just about a system crash, but a very, very personal one as well.