A Zoo of a Weekend ➺

Requires a much deserved trip to the Zoo - with my family.  Last weekend, was - well NUTS and I needed some major fazam time with my guys.  Luckily, we had a perfect day at the zoo with Rick's Mom, Sister and two Nieces.  It was a blast!

mamaw getting her soren sugars - you can hear the belly laughs in this pic::mamaw with her grandbabies
As for the weekend - as nutty as it was, went exceptionally well.  What it is about?  I am not, yet, at liberty to say.  But I can say that the score has been colorfully marked, two nights successfully recorded, a patch session, the files are in NYC, backed up and safe - ready for post.  My work here is complete.

And now, for the important part of my week - my guys and the zoo.  I thought going to the Zoo and Coney Island were a blast last year, but this year we are in for some F-U-N!!  Seriously, not to be cheesy about it, but Soren had a blast at the zoo and I can't wait to go again.  What I love even more than watching him?  Watching him with his pappa.  The pair are too cute.  Whether he is riding on his back in our amazing KangaKid back-pack or chilling on a bench, they are truly the most precious part of my life.♥