Staying Busy by not Staying Put

Oh, blogger - I missed thee.  But, much to your chagrin perhaps - not quite that much.  I have been a busy one and haven't had a chance to sit, ponder and type.  Sorry for the neglect.

my guys helping me pack up for a gig :: thanks!
And for me, sorry I haven't had much time.  Many parents will nod as I proceed, but I have been experiencing the hardships of the work and family dilemma.  Work, as most March, April and May's are every year is driving me MAD!  Quite literally sometimes.  We launched our podcast about 6 months ago and now have started creating features, which is AMAZING - because I feel like I am once again - creating something genuine and fantastic and, well, fun.  But on top of that, the  CSO is wrapping up their season and have thrown some really exciting present and future projects into the mix - all of which heed my attention.  And it wouldn't be prudent if CPR didn't follow with more exciting projects, events and programming as well.  So here I am - in the midst of what could be some great success for both these organizations, one of which I work with the other I work for... but frankly - I am wiped.  And I am missing my guys.

a beautiful site to come home to after work
I love these great new ventures, but I need my family too.  So after a great, long talk with my father - I am taking some sound advice.  When I am home - I am home.  With my family - enjoying them completely.  And when I am at work - stay true to the task at hand.  Be a task-master if you will.  I intend to do just that.  So while Soren is napping, it's ok for me to make a couple phone calls to future interviewees or snag a few symphony edits.  But when he is awake or if Rick is home - I am enjoying them completely.  Phone calls can wait.  Emails can wait.  Edits can wait.  But my family must not, can not, and WILL not.

My focus at work will be diligent so I can truly be with my family.  Rick has helped me through much of this as well.  He has consolidated my working machines (laptops) and really supported my negative energy outlets (as I like to call them, i.e. blogging, yoga, etc...).  I really couldn't do any of this without him.  He sticks around when I am being completely unreasonable, through our nastiest of fights and my neuroses - even proceeds to give me a hug and tell me it really is ok, and we are making it.  Thank you!

And thank you P-dawg.  Yeah, you know who you are.  Mr. PanGalactic Recording for giving me perspective.  Reminding me that this too shall pass - that every symphony in the spring season tends to drive their engineers to the bitter edge.  But with every downbeat, every Berlioz Symphony, every Bruckner - we remember why we do what we do.

So, cheers to Staying Busy by not Staying Put.  I am never bored.  At the very least, there is something to be said for that.