Outside: with Kids

I know - seriously HOT outside.  So the timing of this post may not be the best, but important none the less.

I had an amazing surprise visit a couple days ago from a friend of mine and mother of an adorable toddling babe, that lets the wee one fall.  I should rephrase that.  Not epic crazy falls, but on her tush without reacting immediately or running to the rescue.  Fall - and climb, explore and do the things that she feels her little body is ready for.  My first response 'wow! look at her balance!  Kudos sweets!' and then to momma (be it I was much more reactionary, although I tried diligently not to be) 'kudos momma for letting her try and be'.  

She then sent me this fantastic article.  Great read and so inspiring.  Soren is no stranger to the outdoors.  Bug bites, bug hunting, camping, canoeing (of which we received TONS of backlash for), and now - my personal favorite, mountain biking.  He begs to go outside everyday no matter what the climate.  He walks barefoot through rocks and grass and will take any opportunity test his balance and jumping skills.  

His physical confidence is incredible to me.  

And there is so much to do in this fair City!  From Woodland Mound:

Sharon Woods:

Otto Armleder Park:

Canoe the Little Miami:

And those are just from last year.  This year, there's been Rock Climbing, Smale Park, Mountain Biking at Idlewild and fishing at Isabelle Park.  So much to do!  Get out and be active! (need incentive?  They will eat just about anything, sleep soundly and have stories for DAYS!)

And never discount what you can find in your own back yard!