Soren Says...

Or rather, sings!  Soren wrapped up his last camp of the summer.  It's been pretty epic from Ballet to Circus to his favorite - Bug.  Cincinnati Parks has great programs for kiddos through out the summer at a super affordable price.  

Soren spent 3 hours a day for 5 days at Burnet Woods learning about birds, bugs, reptiles - all kinds of things in nature by hiking through the woods and crafting.  He had puddles of information for me when I picked him up and was thrilled to go everyday.  

Here is Soren on the big marble slide outside of the Nature Center at Burnet Woods.  Everyday after camp - 'mom, just 5 slides pa-leeeeeeeease....'

So this week, Soren sings.  Here's one of the tunes he learned at bug camp!