You'd only get a beautifully made up word like this from the Nerdist.  Podcasts have quickly become a regular for me.  Instead of half listening/half watching free shows on Hulu, I now opt for the Podcasts.  Here are a few I adore, the Nerdist being first on the list:

The Nerdist - This one is hilarious - most of the time, to say the least.  It's hosted by Chris Hardwich, you might know from Talking Dead - he's joined by Jonah Ray and Matt Mira.  All have a ton of production experience in comedy and bring on the greatest guests.  No spoilers - just listen.  The word Ab-gasm comes from this podcast. Enough said.

Reasonably Sound - A friend of mind got me hooked on this one.  Mike Rugnetto is the host, exploring and celebrating the complexities of sound.  I think this one is great for audiophiles that don't consider themselves audiophiles (ugh, self-proclaimed audiophiles - personal pet peeve).  He has a great one on eaves dropping.

Slate's Culture Gabfest - Which I enjoy more than the political gabfest.  That one depresses me a bit.  The culture gabfest touches on some political issues but talks about things on a more global basis.  And, for me - has a bit more humor to it. 

Pensado's Place - Since I am an audio engineer, of course this is on my list.  Dave Pensado interviews some of the best engineers, producers and people in the industry.  The interviewing - not always the best, but there is always a mixing and/or producing gem worth tuning in for.

Bret Easton Ellis - Ellis isn't producing any new podcasts, but so many of these are timeless - aside from the current events they talk about, obviously.  But that's one of the greatest things about the podcast.  Bret Easton Ellis (author of American Psycho) always starts with a long winded, beautifully written diatribe and has guests (major guests!) on to talk about everything BUT; BUT - what they are working on, new projects - things like that.  His intention is t to ouch on the things he cares about.  Love it - and his attitude.

WTF - hosted by Marc Maron.  Of course this is on the list.  Anyone that is anyone following the podcast world listens to this one.  Marc Maron is great - not always the best interviewer in my opinion, much more a Nerdist fan, but he has the greatest guests on.  I still dig it.