Recording - Currently...

Fan girl moment.

1.  I had sessions with Dom Flemmons yesterday.  

Yay!  I do so much live recording, I'd almost forgotten what studio sessions felt like!  So, so good.  And Dom - what a blast to work with.  THE American Songster.  So much style and so much flare.  

photo borrowed from city winery, in Chicago, Il.  

I was accompanied by producer, Elaine Martone and Sam Strater (both equally brilliant in different ways!) and the infamous John Morris Russell (you may know him simply as JMR).  We had a blast and regret not snagging pics.  Sorry!

2.  The LumenSessions

Which is how I refer to them as of yet.  I am not at liberty to talk about this too much.  But basically - I did some sessions, with this really great orchestra of amazing material with a brilliant conductor.  It was a grueling 3 hours, but an incredibly fun adrenaline rush.  As always.

3.  Joe Henry

So I recorded this brilliant human being.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Please tap on the link below.  Joe will be featured on the American Originals recording we did in January (live in Music Hall.  Thank you Yamaha and Audinate for your brilliant, sexy cat5 systems).  He's not just a music man, he's a philosopher.  

4.  MusicNow

Coming up next week!  I will be recording the Music Hall performances (as of yet) for archive and local broadcast.  Let me just mention briefly who is involved and proceed to leave you with a Spotify playlist.  Echem - Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Bryce Dessner, Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, So Percussion, The National, Caroline Shaw and Mina Tindle.  I am so pumped about this festival for so many reasons.  Thank you Bryce, for curating something so wonderful.

... and a beautiful video of Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly and Bryce Dessner's collaboration on Planetarium.  Also being performed!

Oh, Cincinnati.  You keep me busy and my babysitter employed.  But thank you for keeping this culture alive so my son can one day revel in it's beauty!