Soren Says...

These may become a regular thing around here.  I will do my best to keep them within the context of the hilarity and loving nature they are delivered.  Not in the typical 'that's what all kids say - but since my kid said it, it's cuter' sort of way.  I hope these bring laughter and warm smiles. 

That's how they make me feel.  This is a space for me to keep them forever. 

Soren said...

Context: Soren is a sleep walker - which means he is a sleep talker.  So the other night, August (our trusty pit bull) wakes up alarmed.  I get up and she is staring into Soren's bedroom.  Creepy. Even creepier?  I don't notice Soren standing next to the window by the table.  

As I walk over, I finally noticed him there - just blankly staring out the window.  Um - whoa (more context - we live in a notoriously haunted neighborhood.  Soren on several occasions has told us about his 'sister' that 'lives outside his window and stays in the tree - right there!' followed by 'she tells me everything is going to be alright'  Um...)

So I gently scoop him up and he immediately falls back asleep.  Whew - no night terror (we get those too sometimes...).  I stayed with him while he fell back asleep.  Then he cuddles in really close and says:

'Momma, I love you so much, as much as....' 

And zonks out.  Melt.