Around Here - Announcing...

SO MUCH to catch up on around here!

We've (plural) been busy! with a move, work and kiddos.  Plural - kiddos.  Which is quite honestly the best kind of busy to be.  

And with that, some backstory.  

Soren's father and I separated last year.  It was tough, but for the best.  Becoming a single parent wasn't the trickiest transition; it was everything around it: co-parenting, schedules and work. It was hectic, feelings got hurt but in the end we've resolved and Soren seems to be healing with the rest of us.  So needless to say, this past year has been a filled with patience, hurt, learning and now....  

Love, which finds you at the most unexpected times.  I know cliché, but I get it.  I've met that person.  The one that I feel I can talk to about anything, without judgement, he doesn't want to change me and cherishes the person I am - the one that I love and care for so, so deeply.  My best friend, my love - we plan a future, laugh hard through the present, ready to weather any storm that has and will come our way.  We are a team.  

We spent a year as friends, dealing with the craziest circumstances and leaning on one another when needed.  Our story, in retrospect has it's quirks and resembles something of a Lifetime 'made for TV' Movie.  But it's our's and I love it.  I love you, Trent.

This past weekend - Trent proposed to me and I said yes! (duh).  Never in a million years (I know - cliché once again) did I think I would marry.  Being a child of divorce and after this tumultuous year I honestly didn't think it was in the cards.  But now? I couldn't be happier and more fulfilled.  I am beyond words.

I can't wait to start my life with this man.

And kids?  No - we aren't expecting, but Trent has twins of his own (stinking adorable!).  Has a lot to do with how we met.  The twins are amazing - but puts us at 2 five year olds and one almost 5 year old (yikes!  Soren will be 5 in less than a month!!).  It's controlled chaos and we love it!  Sometimes we have all three - at others, two and sometimes one - the quiet is odd when all the stooges aren't around.  It's a blast and has kept us busy - since, as adults - we have these jobs and other responsibilities that accompany parenting everyday.

So, Around here? Hectic, chaotic, but filled with love.  Blogosphere, meet Trent: my best friend, fiancé and future husband.