Soren's First Day

Soren's first day was yesterday.  Wow.  This day came so much quicker than I had anticipated!

We've been talking about school with Soren since the Sands camp-out (to get him in, so worth the Montessori program).  He's been pumped since day one.  We found out a few days ago that we wouldn't be allowed to walk in with him *gasp.  After our initial shock, we started talking to Soren about what dropping him off would entail. 

None of it shocked him.  He was absolutely alright with it.  Yesterday, he told us as they started opening the doors - 'Mom, Dad, you can't go in with me.  This is MY school.  I love you!'  Gave us a quick hug and kiss, grabbed the TA's hand and took off.  Didn't even look back - so incredibly independent.

The 3 hours went on forever.  Rick and I dried our eyes at a breakfast for two (Sleepy Bee even felt for us and gave us a brownie on the house.  Thanks guys!!), snagged Soren a little 'first day' gift from King Arthurs and headed home - chatting about what amazing adventures are in store for our little man.  

I am thrilled to see what the next year will bring for Soren and the stories he will come home with.  He walked out yesterday with a bracelet around his wrist and a smile.  We sat waiting for him on the bench - first in line with his class ('A' Andress, of course) and the first thing we heard him say is 'Ms. Mitza, it's a beautiful day!'.  *tear.  He came out with his class, passed us and didn't miss a step.  He sat criss-cross applesauce with his class and waited to be dismissed.  Lots of sighs and tears - I am so happy for you little man and so proud I get to be your mother.