They just know.  It's interesting to observe, really.  Soren and Avery don't see each other often, maybe 2-3 times a year.  Of course we prepare them for one another 'Soren - are you ready to see your cousin Avery??' 'Avery, are you ready to play with cousin Soren??'.  Just like you would for playdates and outings.  But for some reason - when these two get to see each other, it's as if they know - that they are cousins.  

Their interactions with other kids are always different.  I'm told Avery plays a shy - keeps to herself, parallel play, and Soren is a bit quiet but quickly turns into the clown.  I'm not implying Soren didn't act the clown or they didn't parallel play, but they did instantly interact.  

Avery was super excited and started pulling Soren around to see all her toys and showing him how EVERYTHING works (she's almost exactly a year older, took on the big kid role!).  And Soren was quick to follow asking questions and examining her every move.

It was different.  Maybe that is a better way to put it.  In the best way.  Like you could see the warmth and love between them even though the depth of that word they have yet to really comprehend.  It was something special.  I miss her already and her little sister.  And so does Soren.  

Every morning we were there, Soren would wake up asking 'Where's Avery?'.  I would tell him she was still sleeping in her room.  He would go in, climb up on her bed and wish her a good morning.  Avery would then instruct me to make them oatmeal and orange juice as they began a day of play.  Our sweet little blondies.   He asked me yesterday morning, our first day back in Cincinnati 'Where's Avery??'.  My heart melted.