Today was my first day back to work after two, YES, mark it down in the books - TWO consecutive days off.  Now to most 9-5'ers, 5 day a week peeps - this excitement overload may seem strange to you - but WOO-HOO! not to me.  It was AWESOME.

Not only that - but it was a glorious Mother's day weekend - the first one I have been able to spend with my Momma.  

However, the title weekender is not just because it is the end of my version of a weekend - but because I am also lusting after this bag by Everlane (eh-hem, Rick, my bday is coming up....).

Back to the weekend.  Meine Mutti drove the hefty 12 hour round trip to not just come in town, but be our live-in sitter.  She and Soren were instant buds.  They had so much fun listening to May Festival dress rehearsal:

Followed by dinosaur introductions:

The next day we went to breakfast in the rain, snagged some swanky boots and an umbrella.  Grandma snagged some adorable photos of the wee one in the rain (while Rick and I were at work).  The next day, after Grandma babysat, we snagged some food from GreenDog Cafe and then showed Grandma the forest:

The next day we brewed from the Chemex (my really awesome Mother's day present - thanks guys!!), brunched at Dusmesh - roughed it up at Linwood Park (Lunken Playground) and Grandma snuggled with Soren - put him down for a nap and gave him one last smooch before taking off.  It was brief, but wonderful.  Wonderful indeed.

Thanks Mom, for the visit and devoting such a huge chunk of it to babysitting.  We really needed the help and it was wonderful to get a piece of family for the weekend.  Your 12 hours are so, SO appreciated.

Love you, xoxoxo