Sports? School?

Where did this come from?  When did he get to that age?  Sports - I can deal with that.  So he recognizes the differences between baseball and basketball.  When we pass the park and see people playing he shouts 'shoot! shoot!  Basketball!'  I love it. 

Basketball 06.jpg

But schools?  The quest started about a week ago.  Here in Cincinnati we have a public school system and within that system we have these satellite schools - some montessori.  We have introduced a lot of montessori methods at home with Sensory Play and even the books we have chosen to read - like the touch and feel books with real depictions of animals - and he really seems to gravitate to that learning style.  Or at least he seems to enjoy it!

We have heard great things about the montessori programs here in Cincinnati so we thought to check them out.  Sure enough - they seem like a great fit.  But like everything - there is always a catch.  There is the one that will take him in January - the other in the fall of 2014.  Two you have to essentially camp out for 11 days and maybe, just maybe you will make enrollment for one of the 3 spots open in their program.  The other is a catholic based montessori program, which well - for some may not be problematic but worry some for atheist parents. 

Whew!  Looks like we might be in for quite the adventure.  So for now - we will enjoy playing soccer, baseball and of course basketball with our little guy while prepping ourselves for either camping... or watching our little man grow up and start school!  What a time!  So surreal.

How did you prep for school and/or sports?  What program did you pick for your kid/s?