Bits and Pieces...

We have been pretty busy at the VandeDrink-Andress Household.  Rick has some great new clients and projects, Soren is a ball of energy and my CSO/May Festival season is on it's way out.  Since I haven't had a chance to blog in excess - I am going to use my Instagram feed to do a round up of our crazy past few weeks.

↑ My name is joined by several talented and amazing people on Philip Glass and Matt Haimovitz's recent release of Cello Concerto No. 2.  I had the opportunity to work with the Michael Riesman - not to mention the amazing Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra!  We were in the iTunes scroll for 2 weeks! 

↑ I've got mommas term, the Doula bag is packed and ready to go!  Spring means yummy fresh salads with my favorite pink lady apples.  I love how everywhere I go, I see a part of my kiddo.  He loves his cars and trucks! ↓

↑ No words - He is getting so big and more handsome everyday.  How did I get so lucky?  Here we are on our way to Soren's first Red's game.  Soren downed a green smoothie and proudly sports his green 'stache. ↓

↑ We are Sensory Play abound in these parts.  From stacking our Juice Plus+ containers and plowing them down to digging out treasure (straws, spoons and forks - all of which Soren has worked into his vocabulary!) from yummy raspberry jello!  Soren is also an excellent Barista and makes the best coffee. ↓

And the most recent of events - my newest Tattoo and by new, I mean - got it yesterday.  It's a Lotus with my Oma's shorthand, from the flower up saying: Patience, Consistency, Respect and Love.  Four words that impact me and my family more with each passing day.  One of the many lessons I have learned from motherhood - with many more to come.  India Behrens from Skincraft created this work of art.  I love it. ↓