When is it the right time?  You know, to go through all those clothes, toys and infant accessories that you stock piled for the last couple years?

There is a different answer for everyone.  For us - I do it every few months or so.  I have honestly kept and will continue to keep the onesies I can't stand to part with (his 'breastfed' and 'made in ohio' ones are priceless!), a pair of shoes, his knitted hat and mittens I made before he was born - you know, those things.  But everything else, as hard as it is to see it go - has to.  

With me going back to school and our futures being cast a bit into the wind by it - we aren't so sure if and when we would have another wee one around.  By that time, we may feel differently about parenting styles.  I know we both would be more persisitant with tummy times and Rick would probably wear the baby more (kept the sling, Bjorn and Ergo Baby Carrier...), and we have an extra toddler seat courtesy of a very generous friend - so with the Britax we would be set.  There isn't a reason to keep the other stuff.  So I thought.

Soren felt differently.  He has been going through the bags and has picked out two of his infant toys and a sippy cup he refuses to give up.  I think we can stand to keep just a couple more things, don't you?  That face...

How did you choose to have a second?  What sort of things did you do differently the next time around?