Four Seasons

I am a four seasons type of gal.  I need them all.  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  For me the cold means snow (usually - since I moved to the midwest, this has been debatable), snuggles, blankets, knitting projects and tons, I mean TONS of hot soup!

Since we are reintroducing chicken into our diets, I was incredibly excited to try out this recipe on a particularly cold, Winter day.

I love Deb's Smitten Kitchen website and could spend several lines singing it's praises.  But instead - I will leave the discovery up to you.  Deb Perlman just released her cookbook last year, of which I highly recommend.  One of these days someone will fall victim to my hinting and snag one for me (Ahem... Rick, wink, wink).  For now, I will stalk the website.

Here is the link to her wonderful Lentil Soup with Chicken Sausage and Chard (I used purple kale, it was far too beautiful to pass up and we used a fantastic basil and pine nut chicken sausage).  We did a few variations of it which is the beauty of Deb's recipes, their versatility.  Enjoy - we did!