Cooking with Kids

Food is a test of patience for almost all parents, well let's be honest all parents (enough to make you want to yell...).  I don't care how good your little eater is - every time that wee person with a very large will munches on something foreign and new and goes back for their second piece you are singing with joy deep down.

Eating is an adventure.

So is cooking.

Soren has been my kitchen buddy since I can remember.  I want him to grow up with vast culinary knowledge.  I don't want him to remember learning to cook - I want him to always have known how to cook, for it to be something inherent, second nature.  Like I was playing piano…  I don't remember learning, I just always knew where the keys were - my memory was too young to register it.  

Although it is messy - almost all the time now - I love it.  A couple nights ago, Soren made our salad , he made ice cream with me, we made cookies - he even poured the flour into the mixer! - and now, he rolls out dough with me, cuts it and monitors me putting it into the oven exclaiming 'hot!  momma - hot!' and I respond, my heart swelling with joy - 'yes, sweetie - VERY hot.  sssss..ow!'

Cooking is fun - more now than it ever was….

JoAnne is teaching Soren how to juice a lemon - takes a lot of strength!