There is a poster I spotted on the internet awhile back - said something along the lines of 'I knit, but that doesn't mean I'm old!'.  I don't really give into many stereotypes, but I completely understand the validity of this statement!  I have been knitting since my sophomore year in college and been addicted ever since.  I made Soren's first hat and mittens, several scarves and hats for family - you get the idea.

I haven't knitted much since Soren was born though and got the itch after going through the several, no really - several skeins of yarn I have managed to collect.  I needed to clean out my stock.

Let the projects begin!  

I know a lot of babes on the way, so I thought - gender neutral baby hat?

That then turned into mittens and then booties (which I adore making…and they are so cute!). 

I noticed I had a slightly large and diverse amount of heavy weighted yarn, but not enough of each color for individual projects - so why not a lap blanket for a wee one?  Soren was a winter babe and we couldn't bundle him under the straps for his carseat so we would always double up swaddling blankets on his lap.  Well, here is one just for that!  And can double as a 'lovey', 'snuggly' or in Soren's case - just plain ole 'blanket'.  Can't fall asleep without it.  

I hope to embark on a new set of mittens, hat, booties and blanket with a VERY large skein of yarn - let me know if you want one!  

Once I get down to one basket of yarn, I'm set to snag some more at this local store I love!  

Start some projects from this site.

And make myself one of these!