Toddler Train Tote

Since my craft supplies have finally been unpacked, organized and ready for crafting - the bug has bitten.  All the random supplies I've discovered only feeds my quest to conquer new projects.  Fabrics from quilts I made 4 years ago, turtles I stuffed for Soren over the summer and a ridiculous amount of yarn - which coincidentally all have a similar color theme...hmm...suspicious?  So, I made a pact with myself - no more supplies purchasing until I make it through the majority of what exists.  The last thing I want is to run my family out of house and home with fabric and yarn!  

Lately, Soren has been perpetually stealing my bag filled with Goodwill donations (more on that later...), dumping out the donations and filling it with 'choo choo's'.  Carrying and dancing around the apartment, proudly toting the bag.  

With the old quilt fabric pieces and new rubber stamps (which is a more recent obsession of mine.  Aren't these awesome!) - I quickly got down to business in my new sewing station!  In Soren's 2 hour power nap, I was able to make him this train tote.  He immediately knew what it was!  He stuffed it full of 'choo choo's' and proudly 'toted' around the apartment.  Love!