Monday Night

A very late, post weekend, Monday night post (we had a busy evening last night…left for another post). Our weekend was filled, well - with adventure I guess you could say.  Soren and I had a great Friday as we wrapped up the kitchen project and Saturday was nothing short of a good time.  We hung out with family - Soren and Rick's nieces are ABSOLUTELY adorable - so mad at myself for forgetting the camera.  The day was topped with some delicious Indian take out for dinner.  Sunday, we had a lazy morning and met Mamaw at Heritage Festival down at the Train Depot Park. 

The festival was a blast and Soren went crazy for the petting zoo.  It was awesome!  He is getting so big and brave - running from animal to animal, giving them a pat and making their animal sounds - quacking at the ducks, mooing at the cow, even baa-ing at the sheep!  

Speaking of big boy!  This lil' guy needed some new shoes for his Godzilla feet, so we rounded out the weekend with some sweet kicks and a cake, well - just because.  This week I am back with the CSO and into the regular season.  Here's to hoping it's a smooth transition!