Final Friday - My New Kitchen

Friday was a day to put some final touches on my kitchen project.  We officially have a chalkboard wall, fresh painted cupboards and lightened look for our kitchen.  Amazing what literally a few quarts of paint can do!  Thanks to my family for the support and understanding.  Especially when I mentioned a HUGE chalkboard wall.  I didn't have many before(s), because I didn't really enjoy the look of our kitchen until now. 

and after a lighter paint job, new coat on the cupboards...

and the chalkboard!

and a couple other favorites - my all clads, cutlery and boards.  The things that make cooking for my family easier.

Apartment living isn't the easiest - but not the worst either.  We have the opportunity to save, but fight the battle of 'how much should we do?  what renovations should we invest in?'.  Well - paint is a simple one.  There are so many VOC varieties at all costs and colors to pick from.  It's quite the time investment...but well worth it!

Dig in!