Thursday (Wednesday) Wishlist

In my quest to better organize my blog - I have decided to topic a few days of the week (So BIG Monday, Pitty Tuesday...).  Originally I meant for wishlists to be on Wednesday (nice alliteration - Wishlist Wednesday, cute, huh?) , but, alas, my painting project pushed this one to Thursday.  Speaking of painting?!! Included in this list is my kitchen chaulkboard wall (painted, pics to come), a fresh coat of light green paint on the rest of the kitchen, fresh coat of paint on the cubboards (almost done!) and with fall on the horizon, some comfy, cozey clothes that will fit brilliantly under oversized sweaters and cardigans.  Plus a little tee for my little man.  Adorable!  And the stick looking thing??  That's Darwin's Tree of Life - a part of my next tattoo - getting this one soon too, I hope!