happy weekend

Soren asked me to rock him to sleep tonight.  No, really - my wee toddler pointed to his rocker, grabbed my neck, tucked in his little legs as I picked him up and gave me a big snuggle-squeeze.  I really didn't think that my heart could possibly grow any bigger, but it did tonight.  

This week has been full of fun, but not without it's tough moments.  Soren is learning how to sleep in his toddler bed, or rather - we are learning how to work with him on sleeping in his toddler bed.  He has this tendency to wake up at about 3:30 in the morning and since he can wake up and roam around - he does.  SO - we are working on getting him to fall back asleep.(whew!)  

Basically - this sleep deprived momma really, really loved her snuggles tonight and REALLY needed them.  Thanks little man.  This week I grabbed some of these priceless shots of the little dude having fun at Sawyer Point.  He is really starting to look like a little boy and less like a baby every day.  Oh goodness, how the time flies! 


We are planning on doing some relaxing, re-focusing careers (me, basically), but most of all getting ready for our trip.  My bro's last day of Paramedic School is next Tuesday - so we will be Skype celebrating with him early next week.  I will be gearing up for that one - butterflies already.  This is such a BIG deal for him and his family!  Love you bro!

what are your plans for the weekend?  anything special to round out your summer?

Here are a few things that have perked my interest this past week:

Squarespace has changed my blogging life

I still use blogger to organize the writers I follow

99% Invisible is my new favorite podcast and work inspiration