99% Invisible

I am so inspired!

This has become one of my all time favorite podcasts provided by PUBradio on the west coast.  99% Invisible is a tiny radio show about design by Roman Mars

I am in love!  This podcast is quick moving with a music and sound bed that helps push the show forward.  They range anywhere from about 15 minutes to 20.  They are quick, but so good.  Don't be surprised if you get sucked in from the beginning.  I am inspired.  LX has been a joy to co-produce and I am getting the itch to push it forward, get more inventive, let my creativity flow.  I love Cincinnati - I love my family here in Cincinnati and shows like this just inspire me to poster that energy, that emotion more creatively.

I'm inspired.  How about you?

What inspires you to move forward creatively?

Like 99% Invisible?  Feel free to become an invisibler, invisiblist, or 99%-er, whatever term  you would like - by adding a number to their kickstarter: