I am SO excited! My niece, Lil' Miss Aves is coming in town this weekend. This sweet little angel girl is AWESOME. And as much as I am going to enjoy hangin' with my ultra-cool sister-in-law, I absolutely can't wait to snuggle the first babe of the youngest VandeDrink generation. She is as precious as precious can be and always has been.

This little bitty, which she is (really, seriously the most adorable petite thing) - was my first eye opening experience to how amazing the human body is and how life altering bearing children can be, for everyone in the family. After she was born, I made as many trips to the Lou that I could, I just couldn't get enough of her! And seeing my sis-in-law and my broster's face light up at the sound of her first laughs and smiles made my heart grow, like - a million sizes.

So there you have it little Aves, you changed your aunt's priorities with your first breath in this world. A year later my world would be absolutely flipped in the best way ever with the birth of your cousin.

I heart you baby girl - so, so, much and I can't WAIT to see you this weekend!