Another Day, another Strike!

As luck would have it, actually, really just the CSO schedule, no luck at all - there is a Pops concert next week, WHICH MEANS - not only will I get to see family over the weekend, but my lucky toukes gets to climb in the attic today and strike Microphones! (GRRRRR!).


This is quite possibly one of my least favorite things to do at my job aside from Mic. Hangs, and editing coughs out of broadcasts (yes, this is where you ALL should be thanking me...after each cough removal session I am pretty sure I walk away with a new form of pneumonia aurally contracted... yuck!)

Anyway - all in all, I do love my job and as one of my co-workers said right before the concert on a Sunday, 'sure does beat working for a living'. And he couldn't be more right. So up we go, into the rafters and down ladders to crawl spaces abound to coil up cables and chat with Music Hall ghosts!

T chau!