As Soren gets closer to understanding how the 'potty' works (every time either Rick or I go into the restroom, he now chases after us going 'sssssssssss', opens his potty and sits on it - ♥!), I have really started to analyze the things that I will miss and things I clearly won't - like bumper pads....

I loathe the bumper pads. And I know that recent research has revealed that bumper pads are dangerous and such, but B.S. (before Soren...) they were still 'ok'. Alas - he is used to them - they make him feel safe, and he doesn't sleep without them. And changing sheets is quite the chore because of it. I will NOT miss the bumper pads.


My breast pump. OMGoodness, the breast pump. Anyone want to have a burning of the pumps? Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE nursing, and Soren is still nursing at least morning and night, but pumping?! Is just flat out un-natural, un-comfortable, un-enjoyable and just flat out UN! However - although trying as it may have been to pump, it was SO worth it. My little man has been super healthy and like I said, still nursing, which I adore.


The things I miss and will miss...well, that list will always be lengthy. I already miss his infancy. When he absolutely depended on us for everything. I miss his tummy tub days when he would swim in his bucket of a tub as if he were in utero. I miss his coes, but love his baby chatter. I miss burping him but love watching him dig into a plate of collard greens or marinated portabellas. And yes, I will miss his diapers. Being clothed diaper - we have put a lot into it both mentally and physically (figuring out the best detergent, covers, and diaper style...) and I still adore pulling them out of the dryer and stacking the pre-folds, knowing my lil' one's tushy is being handled delicately. I will miss footy pajamas. I miss his army crawl but love watching him run. I miss our naps but still adore rocking him to sleep. The list could go on.

So as usual, I am reminded to never forget and enjoy every moment (but I am still up for a ceremonial breast pump burning...)