out of print

out of print has officially become a staple printing company around this house.  Rick's 35th bday was last week and Soren and I gave him an adorable apple postcard of the two dudes, a cream cheese filled pumpkin bread loaf and an out of print t-shirt of Darwin's The Origin of Species.  I also splurged and snagged a cute Tee for our little man.  The screen printing for out of print concentrates on book covers of classic novels, like… The Great Gatsby, Fahrenheit 451, Atlas Shrugged, Animal House, Slaughterhouse Five… you get the idea.  They have everything from bags and T-shirts to iPad and Kindle covers.  The prices aren't terribly cheap - but not frighteningly steep either.  They maintain a blog as well and is a super fun company to follow.  Here is our tally thus far:

…and apparently, they recently finished a Kickstarter for their eBook covers.  I guess they are taking on a slightly new look and gaining a bit more independence from other distributors - go out of print!  But before that all happened, I snagged the Animal House one for my Kindle...

and here is the little man, modeling off his Wizard of Oz Tee - so cute!

He is getting SO big!!  This is a 2T shirt and I thought we would have some time with him in it - turns out it is a perfect fit!  Two-years old next month, watch out!