Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend everybody!  Today and tomorrow are my weekend days this week - and we have some fun things planned for the family tomorrow to round it out.  We are heading out to the GreenBEAN party at EcOhio Farm and making sure our little baby girl heals up after her surgery and teeth cleaning.  She was such a trooper today!

I could not have been more pleased with Dr. McCarty's work and the care of Howell Avenue Pet Hospital - they are the best!  Thanks so much everyone for making us feel comfortable and safe - and allowing me to be with our baby as much as possible at the beginning and end of the procedure.

So far so good - she is healing up like a champ.  She is leaving her bandages alone and even held down some food!  See you on the flip side readers!

Do you have a strange schedule? How do you cope with it personally or with family?