Apartment Living

Don't get me wrong - is great and do to sites like Apartment Therapy I am reminded of how AWESOME it can be.  But living in the midwest, there is definitely this insane pressure to buy a home.  Me, especially - in our dynamic duo, am feeling the social pressure these days.

We've had our wonderful, beautiful son, our family has become a strong, amazing thread and I couldn't be happier.  BUT, I would be lying if I said I never wanted to secure this family in a home.  The thought of working on a house: painting rooms, putting up shelves, gardening - that all of it were towards our home.  That I would love to hear Soren running down the stairs for dinner or up to his nightly bath.  That I see gorgeous hardwood floors and tiled kitchens with my favorite appliances.  Really, what it comes down to - I need to stop reading blogs and get back to writing mine.

Because, after trying to set a goal budget for a down payment, I started making my collages for future posts and it became clear why we continue to rent.  For us, it's about convenience, about NOT worrying over a mortgage or home equity loan.  We have a wonderful place as it is with great stainless appliances, HE washer/dryer and, yes - hardwood floors.  We have a back yard we have been planning a garden for next spring and even a tree swing.

From the pictures, it's become clear to me that we don't need a house, at least not just yet - we do a fine job living outside of the home and I am reminded of what that word really means to this family.  We are home.  Soren, Rick, August and I - are home.  It becomes even more evident as I thumb through our adventures to parks, spray grounds, pools, the zoo and more.  Sometimes I just need a gentle reminder.

Still plan on painting the kitchen though -

Much like these chalkboard cabinets and eggshell finish on the walls.

To accompany some delicious, simple cuisine.

...and in the spring, we will start this garden.

And remember to take a step back and fall in love with our apartment, our home and feel the warmth of my family around me.