Alive One

'tis Cincinnati these days.  But seriously - quite literally, Alive One in Mt. Adams has been hosting every third Thursday of the month an Ultrasessions show presented by the All Night Party and curated by Ms. Venomous Valdez herself.

These Thursdays have been amazing!!! With the Ridges last month and this (tomorrow night!) Joe Hedges from July for Kings, yes, Joe Hedges himself!  Tomorrow evening.  Rick and I are on a quest for a sitter - and you should go to.  It's gonna be a great show, seriously.  If you are in anyway shape or form an Imogen Heap fan - then, well, Joe is the male version for you.  Here is a snidbit of our interview with V. last week. (with Joe Hedges at the top from his album Alchemy)

On top of all that - Cincinnati has been wicked crazy this month.  The bonanza episodes for LX have been a blast to create - and we are not even close to short on material.  Check out the site!  More fun stuff to come.  Our check list so far includes:

Ozone Zipline Adventure
The Cincinnati Zoo
Pyramid Sculpture Park
The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra
Venomous Valdez presents:
Wussy updates
Alive One Third Thursday Concert Series
Fountain Square Indie Music Series
Midpoint Music Festival
The All Night Party presents:
Bunbury Music Festival

It has been crazy fun - up next the Cincinnati Opera and some great wrap ups and reviews of events to round out the summer!

Special thanks to my partners in crime, my wonderful family.  Thanks for tagging along with me, you guys rule!