Toddler Food

What is toddler friendly?  Everything.  No really - it's up to you, to work with your wee one to create food fun and success (which, to be fair - doesn't always seem like 'success' but be patient)
What I have learned through feeding Soren.
1.  Good food is great :: not just healthy food, but good healthy food.  Food with flavor from good sources.  This is one thing we have been able to capitalize on with our GREENbean delivery service by receiving food from organic, regional sources - all year round.
2.  Get creative :: roasted carrots, oranges and avocado salad - who knew?  But very tasty and has all the nutrients a mom could ask for.  If it's a picky eater day, i.e. bread and hummus - then I just make a nutrient packed smoothie or juice for the evening - which, by the way - a juicer is a fine investment for a toddler.  Juiced Kale?  Yes please!
3.  Try new things, with your little one :: if Soren is sitting to eat, I better plan on seating my own bottom down with him.  No matter what needs to be accomplished - it can wait.  Plus - there is nothing like catching that first moment when they try a new flavor.  Tangy? that face is PRICELESS!  Delicious? that low 'mmmmmm' and a sign for more!  Really? You want me to eat this? let them feed you and you tell them just how great it is!  This helps - more than you can even begin to know.
4.  Copy your favorite staple take out :: Soren is a huge fan of Indian food, so I have developed a few similar recipes here at home, and BAM - success!  He also loves the mushroom melt sandwiches from Potbelly's, so what do you know - homemade hit as well.
5.  Don't be afraid to try new foods :: but try them first!  If you don't like them - chances are they won't.
6.  Little helpers :: are always welcome in my kitchen!  We have some ground rules, like stove is 'hot! owwwww! don't touch!', but allowing Soren to witness how it comes together has really helped in trying new foods and eating in general.

Toddlers are fun to feed.  Keep the portions reasonable, don't overwhelm them with too much and have fun!  Don't be stressed, enjoy it and don't hesitate to get a dog to help clean up the mess!

Enjoy these moments, they go by too fast!