everybody's workin' for the weekend!

That's me!  But it's ok, because right now I am chillin' with my favorite dude on a Thursday morning.  I know, according to my family - I may not be the biggest advocate of my job, but after a good week of thinking, bouncing things off of Rick and really learning to compartmentalize the bad and the good - it really could be worse, in fact, I know it could.
Although the hours are not so delightful at times and the demand can be pretty stress inducing, I do get to do things like work from home (which can be a bad thing too...), collaborate on really great projects, host a podcast, write about things that matter to me and my family, be a Cincinnati advocate and work for a non-profit that focuses on the community rather than the all might dollar.  So... all in all, not a terrible deal.

Do we all wear several hats at the station?  yes.  Does this stress us out on a regular basis?  yes.  But keeping it in the right perspective, it's not so bad.  Do I get to bring Soren into work when Rick and I are scheduled in the evenings together? yes.  Do I get to meet fascinating people and find out about great events on a regular basis? yes.  Do I get to be proud of the work that I accomplish? yes.

Although I have to work weekends and many times weeks in a row without a break.  It still has it's perks.

But don't get me wrong.  The best job I have, is being a mom.