Today - Featuring Features

Features have quickly become one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite things about the LX podcast. Starting last month, Jim and I have been undertaking some really great projects - quickly highlighting awesome things happening in Cincinnati - beyond the podcast.

The monthly casts are great - don't get me wrong, but these quick, energy amped features are a blast to record, produce and compile together.  I just hope everyone enjoys listening to them as much as I enjoy producing them.

Last month we jump-started with local Cincy bands traveling to SXSW on a tour appropriately named MWXSW and caught up with another Queen City band while we were at it.  The features are unique and really bring to the forefront how music culture in Cincinnati is booming - beyond our own stages.

This month - we join with our public radio cohorts in celebrating Public Radio Music Month.  These features cover everything from venues to festivals of Rock, Jazz, and Classical music.  Cincinnati Public Radio is home for 90.9 WGUC, one of the few Classical Public Radio stations here in the nation and NPR continues to support homegrown music on a daily basis - so there is much to highlight.

Next month - is Bike Month in Cincinnati so there will be much to talk about.  Cycling to work, Queen City developments for cyclists of all kinds and support from local business and shops.  A definite tune in!

And don't forget - we have our monthly expisodes as well - this month we featured Mariemont and next OTR - in our own hood!  Can't wait to get started on that one!

Then into the summer, which is sure to rock all our worlds.  We have great things happening this year with a stellar Opera Season with Porgy and Bess and Traviata (yeah - my personal fave!), Bunbury Music Festival and the Choir Games.  My family and I will be spending our free time at Coney and the Zoo, so those will be some of our own personal features to look forward to!