Reasons to be Pretty

And a date night is definitely one of those.  Rick took me on an absolutely, most fantastic date night this past weekend.  We don't get many opportunities to go out together, just the two of us - both by fate and choice.  I can say that both of us were very much looking forward to snuggling with our pumpkin by the end of the evening.  Never the less - the date night was a dream.

One of the many things I absolutely adore about Rick is his taste in literature.  Not just in reading lit. but playwrights and movie makers.  Everything from director and actor to who wrote the original playwright and then the adaptation.  This man is a serious vestibule of knowledge in this culture - which is a very fascinating one.

So one of Rick's favorite playwrites, Neil LaBute - wrote this trilogy (Rick has his favorite author trilogy, while I have my favorite opera one - Glass's Einstein on the Beach, Akhnaten, and Satyagraha), The Shape of Things, Fat Pig and Reasons to be Pretty.  This is when working in Public Radio really has it's perks.  While board opting in the evening, Rick heard a spot from the New Edgecliff Theater that they were performing Reason to be Pretty and he was NOT about to miss it.  So he bought the tickets, asked his mom to babysit (which Mamaw is always amazing about - THANK YOU!!) and took me out on a perfect date.

We started with a couple beers and appetizers at Allyn's up the street and then enjoyed a really, REALLY amazing play.  They are performing until the end of this week and if you miss it, no offense - your a chump.  The acting is fanstastic and the script - one of my favorites.  You must go see this.  And if you are hesitant, watch the Shape of Things and you will very quickly change your mind.  Promise.