happy weekend!

And we're back!  Oh, I miss Tybee!!! ...and I'm not the only one.  

Yesterday morning Soren pulled out his shovels and grabbed his truck and beep, beeped his way across the apartment ready for the beach.  Big sad face!  In leu of the ocean, he started the faucet in the tub and jumped in!  Diaper and all!  Love that little man.

But still, it is SO good to see the pup - missed her so much!  And it's good to be back to our kitchen - with our food.  The weekend will make for a good re-set before a very busy season.  Here's a wrap up of Tybee.  This is a great vacation spot for families, couples and singles.  I highly recommend it.  Not to mention Savannah is only 20 minutes away!


did you discover any great family retreats over the summer?  any recommendations?