Around Here - Home!

Oh wow- it's been awhile.  Since January 28th in fact.  Since I started Vlogging.  Since life got, well - even more hectic.

We are a family of 6, so no surprise our day to day gets busy.  But what would make it even crazier?!  Buying a house!  That's right!  We just snagged our very first, hopefully-last-for-a-long-while home (if I change my address one more time my father will literally lose his mind and I will no longer be receiving mail from him).  It's OUR home.  No one is going to ask us to move, we don't have to renew a lease or decide we need more space so it's time to jet.  Our mortgage payment grace period is 3 times longer than any rental fee I've paid.  Whew.  

Needless to say - we are grateful.  And happy.  All of us.  Orion is sleeping better, the boys have a wonderful backyard with treehouse potential for days - a swing set, my hubs has a garage with his tools suiting his woodworking needs and me - my kitchen and dining room.  It's all open.   Finally - my family cooks together and we EAT together with room to spare.  

But it's not these things - it's that we came here together.  All 6 of us (7 including our pitty August).  And we aren't going anywhere in the foreseeable future.  We are setting roots and we all needed it.  Not just the boys.  We all needed to feel settled, at peace, knowing we aren't uprooting again.  It's not a tangible thing.

 Now that I've thrown out words like 'rooted' or dare I say 'safe' something catastrophic may be thrown our way, but even so - I know we can take it, Trent and I.  Our team here at Crutcher, Inc. will survive.  I know this because we have.  And now we can settle for a little while.  Before our wee tot becomes a toddler or puberty strikes the boys or our marriage faces challenges we aren't sure we can hurtle.  

I'll take the breath for now.  And revel in it.  Get back to this space and being with my family.  Which now, staying home (woot!!!) - I can do.  Above is snidbit from our Easter, our first holiday in our home.  Orion was in the ergo the bulk of the time with me, so there is shot of his sweet face while he chased after his brothers during the hunt.  Enjoy!  Look forward to seeing this space more often!