Around Here - Learning

Always learning we are (how very Yoda of my grammar is).  Apologies for the slap happy humor.  Hanging out with three five year old boys has that effect.

We are sustaining around here - getting into a groove with our new schedules.  Truly enjoying time together - the boys love, fight and laugh the typical quota - make me laugh as hard as a mother can laugh (and let's be honest, cry), mediate and snuggle.  We have parent/teacher conferences this week which are a hoot with Kindergartner/Pre-Schoolers (I also say things like 'rice and beans' and 'oh shucks', yep).  The kids are all reading us bedtime stories which is super rad, constructing like crazy and constantly begging for more time to run outside (even with fevers - they are certifiably crazy and eating us out of house and home 'MOOOOOOORE!!!').

I am still learning how to snag time to myself - which ultimately means waking up early.  Like EARLY, early.  I will repeat the learning and 'working on it' part.  But I do feel the difference and it's pretty astounding.  Reading this gem and drinking plenty of tea.  

Watching my coffee and caffeine intake has really aided with my crabby attitude in the middle of the day.  I'm sustaining energy more than I used to.  Not sure if it's just a 'my' body thing or a science, thoughts?  Maybe more on that in the future.

Been blog perusing as usual and came across these favorites:

1.  This first tattoo is beautiful.  I love the simple lines and floral design.

2.  My grandfather was just diagnosed with cancer and fighting strongly through his first rounds of Chemo.  I look forward to reading this book and getting some perspective.

3.  This video is hilarious.  I know people just like this #instagramhusband

4.  Really really really (did I say really?) want to make this calendar for our family.  WE NEED IT!!! MUST HAVE IT!!! Our next DIY if I ever get the robes done.

5.  Making this gem tonight for dinner.  Thank you Deb for your incredible recipes and helping me feed children all these years.  They LOVE this one.

That's all I've got for now.  Have a good week!