Kiddos Say - 'Not In Real Life'

This is so good.  And shows SO much of the kid's personalities.

The twins went to the Museum Center and were telling Soren and I about the model train station of the city of Cincinnati.  I asked if they'd seen the incline.  I wasn't sure, but thought it was either Clifton's or Mt Adam's.  Mayer wasn't sure and Marley asked me what it was.  I explained it.  Marley proceeded with :

MR:  'That sounds neat.  But it didn't exist.'

Me:  'But it did.  Really it did.  That's how they were able to get home from downtown.  The hills were too big for horses or to walk.  They still use these in other states and countries!'

MR:  'I know.  But that never existed here.  Not in Cincinnati.  Not in real life.'

Me:  'But how would they have gotten their groceries home?'

MA:  'Right, bubs.  They'd be WAAAAAY to heavy to carry.  It is REAL!'

Me:  'A bike maybe?'

SP:  'Nah.  It'd still be too heavy.  The hill is TOO big!  It's real.  Really, real.  You'd get way too tired. '

MR:  'No.  It's not real.  Not in real life.  Not ever.'

This conversation lasted all the way to Findlay Market - a 15 minute drive.  The three of us ended up shrugging our shoulders after Marley said:

MR:  'I'm not talking to you guys (SP and MA) anymore, I'm having a conversation with myself.'

And proceeded to tell himself 'it didn't exist here in Cincinnati.  Not in real life'.  Marley's tenacity is incredible.  I admire it.  When he has his mind made up, there is no convincing him otherwise.  Even with stone cold evidence.  Like this picture:

The other two are just as strong willed in their own ways, obviously since the conversation lasted 15 minutes.  

This also reminds me of the Louis C.K. skit about his 3-year-old (which is hilarious, but warning, there is profanity).  He offers his daughter a 'Fig Newton'.  She says - 'They're not called Fig Newtons, they are called PIG Newtons!'  He responds with 'No honey.  They are called FIG newtons.'  She says 'No!  You don't know!  You don't know!  They are called Pig Newtons!'.  He responds with 'Oh really? I don't know?  I don't know? Dude, I'm not even using my memory right now.  I'm reading the box! It says it!!  Where are you getting your information on this one?!  You are three, I am 41!!'.    

His explanation though, how it didn't 'exist in real life', does remind me of this Key and Peele.  'He is short.  But you are actually short - in real life, in the world.'  Totally unrelated but hilarious.