Mountain Biking: Strider Style

I can't say enough about the Strider!  Soren's been riding since 14 months and before his 4th birthday went straight from the Strider to his pedals - no training wheels.  His balance is incredible!

We've had a blast on paved trails, roads and side walks since on pedals, but the Strider continues to show it's charm.  Now -  on the trails.

Before hitting the trails on pedals, Soren has worked on balance and agility with the Strider.  A true crash test for a bike if I've ever seen one.  So far we've stuck to England-Idlewild in these parts.  They have an agility course at the Trailhead and now - a pump track.  Yep - dirt bumps, hills and banks for days.  To say Soren loves it is a gross understatement (pretty fun for adults too *wink).  For videos of these check out the Instagram feed to the right ☛

The Classic Strider now holds up to 60 pounds and they have sizes for all sorts of skill levels and ages.  Some even with brakes!  Soren's is one of the older models and will hold up to 50 pounds.  I believe this may be our last year with this frame (sad face - grow too fast).  But in all reality - he's rocked this monster for 3.5-4 years.  I'd say that was well worth the 90 dollar investment.

And helmets?!  Doesn't get in the saddle without one.  The bike may look meager and harmless, but kiddos can get cookin' on them.  Plus - no time like the present to enforce bike safety.

Soren even had a little butterfly visitor when stopping for a snack.  Yesterday we spotted grasshoppers, orb weavers, centipedes and inch worms!  Even more of a reason to get out on the trail with kiddos.  Riding with the babes is a blast!